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How do you feel when a friend offers flowers when you don’t get intrigued by flowers?,

Do you ever wonder why won’t people take time to learn what excites you?

How would you love to be loved?

Today we are discussing about five love languages that people express love

receiving gifts hmm you get excited when your given something even if it’s a topical or a sweet a chocolates a flower how do you feel? mm-hmm Do you ever get excited when they remember special occasion mm-hmm like dates, birthdays, anniversaries? hmm that could be your one method of how you receive love so when they give you gifts, it is interpreted in your world that these people love you and appreciate you Wow act of service to service is another method where people express their love mm-hmm they can come and assist in the house chores they can even ask you what can I do for you? What do you feel when they Ask that?  mm-hmm I will stop by the shopping mall and get you some item do you appreciate that? Those are acts of service and some of us we appreciate when people give us services and to us we interpret that they actually love us mm-hmm Words of affirmation it’s another expression of love where people come and tell you and you’re looking good how do you feel oh you’ve done as proud, that was excellent you have made us proud those are words of affirmation how does that make you feel? The Affirmation wow these are spoken words, written notes like stickiness or Cards or even letters.do you remember those times to when you used to write letters? yes where people tell you we are really honored to have you well others will say you’re our hero well this is what you’re looking for we really appreciate you words of affirmation could be spoken could be written they are all aspect of expressing love physical touch some of us cannot walk around without holding someone even touching someone, some of us do not take greetings other than a hug. This is a physical touch do you feel exactly when someone holds your hand or even when they give you a very warm hug. Your Love language could be a physical touch have you thought about that? ah some get excited with quality time what am I talking about I love  taking road trips why because you will have to share time together with my friends so I express my love by spending time with people what else we can take a walk when we are talking when you’re discussing why you’re laughing mm-hmm sit down and just have a chat and talk about things all these things are done together could be your love language is quality time please check on yourself what is this that really feels that actually am loved, am appreciated when people hmm give me acts of service mm-hmm give me a warm heart physical touch they spend time with me they help me in the house chairs that could be act of service oh when they give me a gifts all these are expression of love where do you belong? do you ever wonder how should I love my friend it is important to note that how you want to be loved it’s not the same way the other person expresses their love so if you want to show love to a friend or a partner or your husband it is important you get to understand how do they receive love? Is their love act of service is their love expressed in words of affirmation is a love expressed in receiving it so that you do not give quality time because that is what you love but you give what they desire that is love Me My way.